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<<< 8th January 2020

I shot this in our rehearsing studio in Winchester. It was not rehearsed. I had only just wrote the song, put a camera up and shot it as it was first ever played. I hope you like it.

4th December 2019 >>>

We had part of a song I had written, and thought we would use it to film us messing about in the studio. I was never going to be put on YouTube, but we liked the end result.

<<<20th November 2019

This is an early recording. It was when Rob and I were the only two members in the band. We recorded this to see how it sounded. We liked the video so put it on YouTube.

22nd January 2020>>>

I added this video to show the band. It was never meant to be on public view. Saying that, it does get a lot of hits. It was taken when we were recording “Take the dance”.

<<<5th August 2019

This is an early attempted video of “Take the dance” which I made. Things have come on a bit since those days. It took ages to make as putting the lyric on was time consuming.

31st August 2019>>>

This was my first attempt at making a ‘teaser’ video. The only reason was, I had not idea to make a video at this stage. It is only short, but I was very pleased with it at the time.

<<<28th August 2019

The picture was taken in ‘Lee on Solent’ in Hampshire. Amazingly this ‘teaser’ video got an amazing amount of views. We have since made a new full length video of this song.

26th June 2019>>>

My first ever song and video released on Youtube. I know its not great, but meant the world to me at the time. This was before the rest of the band members had started.

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