Band News – 2019

26th December 2019

We released our second single today called “Smile” on all the following platforms.

18th December 2019

Jon, our new bass guitarist joined the band tonight. It always feels strange to add a new member to any band, but Jon just fitted in. He was almost like the missing link. Great to have him on board. A great evenings writing and rehearsing in our unit last night with our new bass player Jon. We have some great new songs coming up, plus two more singles being released on the 26th December 2019 and another one on the 30th December 2019

16th December 2019

We have released our first single “Dance dance” on all the following platforms.

6th December 2019

Our unit. Why is it always such a mess after a days rehearsal?

6th December 2019

We started our YouTube Channel 5 months ago, and this arrived today from YouTube. Thank you to everyone who listened to our videos, and “liked” and “Subscribed” to our channel. We will have plenty more songs and videos coming soon!

20th November 2019

Nothing serious. Just a bit of messing about last night in our studio. I hope you like it.

1st November 2019

This is Dave. Our band (“Shooting The Breeze”) guitar tech, doing his stuff. There is nothing this guy doesn’t know about guitars, and above all, he is genuinely a lovely man and a very good friend. Thanks Dave.




28th October 2019

Our first attempt at making a movie. This whole video was shot on an iPhone 8 in about 40 mins. Edited in iMovie. (That took a lot of time!)
It was an experiment to see if we could make a low cost music video. Other than time, the whole video was free. We hope you like it.

30th August 2019

We used “J.Davey Custom Guitars”, lead guitar on all our tracks as for me, there is nothing better. The guitar in the picture is No2 made for Rick Parfitt (obviously Status Quo) to try. I used it all through this track.

28th August 2019

HEAR PART OF MY NEW SONG HERE. Great news. I have just finished a new song which I have written and performed called “Hold you tonight”  It has gone off for editing tonight. I will post it on here, and YouTube as soon as it is ready. Here is a little taste, I really hope you like it.

20th August 2019

Thanks for being here at the start of my journey. I will be adding new original songs I have written and performed on here soon. I hope you like them. And thank you to the 1000+ people in just under 2 weeks who have been kind enough to view our song “Take the dance” on YouTube.

7th August 2019

This is my very first attempt loading a song and video onto YouTube. I have written and performed this song. The song is unedited, and to be fair, not much good. But it enabled me to see how it all works. It will be interesting to see how my music evolves from here. Welcome to my journey!

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