Band News 2021 – 2024

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February 2022

  • 1st February 2022: Release a single “Rock n Roll Band”
  • 7th February 2022: Release new single “I will never know”
  • 22nd February 2022: Rob, our drummer left the band. These things happen!

January 2022

  • 10th January 2022: New single “Happy now”
  • 13th January 2022: Today we were awarded 2x certificates from the “Songwriters Contest”

December 2021

  • 15th December 2021: Live Christmas Single
  • 21st December 2021: New song “The man in the working mill”

November 2021

  • 3rd November 2021: New single ” You’re a liar”
  • 7th November 2021: Today we went over 50,000+ views on YouTube
  • 9th November 2021: Today we rehearsed at “River Studios” Southampton
  • 10th November 2021: Today we were Live on Supersound Radio for an interview. 2 hours 20 mins!
  • 12th November 2021: New song “Tour Bus”
  • 17th November 2021: New single ” Thanks for being you”
  • 29th November 2021: We were at “Open Access Studios” Winchester recording “You’re a liar”
  • 30th November 2021: Released our 3rd Album. New Album “The Progress Album”

October 2021

  • 5th October 2021: The whole band on “Live With NEVE” Live in America

September 2021

  • 4th September 2021: New single LIVE “Why don’t you love me”
  • 11th September 2021: New single ” You’re happy now”
  • 28th September 2021: We are now being played on Museboat Radio

August 2021

  • 14th August 2021: We were on the Marvin Velasquez Show. This went out to 9 countries LIVE
  • 29th August 2021: Released new single “Doing alright now”

July: 2021

  • 14th July 2021: New single released “Had a good time”

June 2021

  • 2nd June 2021: Started in our new studio ‘Hanger Barn Studios” Southampton
  • 17th June 2021 New single released “Life can be unkind”

May 2021

  • 1st May 2022: We are in the finals of the ISSA Music Awards
  • 4th May 2021: Released a charity Single ” Light up Africa”
  • 15th May 2021: We were all on the “Live With NEVE ” Show in America
  • 25th May 2021: We released a song about moving out of our old studio “The Old Barn”
  • 25th May 2021; Acoustic song “Take the dance”
  • 26th May 2021: Acoustic song “Nothing in common”
  • 27th May 2021: Acoustic song “The sound of London”
  • 29th May 2021: Acoustic song “She’ll be mine”

April 2021

  • 1st April 2021: Released a new song “Council girl”
  • 5th March 2021: Today we went over 40,000+ views on YouTube
  • 16th April 2021: Homeless awareness song “Nothing to lose”

March 2021

  • 26th March 2021:  New song “Kiss me”
  • 22nd March 2021: Became members of the ISSA
  • 8th March 2021: New song “It must have been love”
  • 4th March 2021: Released the single: ‘The one you Love”
  • 3rd March 2021:  Released the single “It’s ok”


26th March 2021

Today we previewed our new single “Kiss me!” for the first time. It is released as a single in the 4th April 2021. We hope you like it.

3rd March 2021

Today we had a live interview with “Malikot Radio” We were interviewed by their presenter Sarah Saul.

21st February 2021

Today our new album (Second album) called “Whisky Glass” we released. Hence al these radio interviews etc. Very exciting times!


18th February 2021

Today we had a live interview from New York on the “Live with NEVE Show”. I always enjoy this show. They have become like good friends.


4th February 2021

Today we put our new song on YouTube. It is going to be part of our Live Set. We hope you like it. Its called “Pretty Girls”

27th January 2021

Today we put our new song on YouTube. It is going to be part of our Live Set. We hope you like it. Its called “Red Lipstick”