Rob – Drums & Backing Vocals

Rob’s Music Journey – Drums & Backing Vocals

Since a kid I’ve always wanted to be able to play something musical. After a short stint on the triangle in junior school, and a small incident when Warren left a trumpet on my chair, which put me off the brass section for life. After several missed opportunities as a teenager to play or to be in bands, I started late at about 25 years old and took up some drum lessons. (Your never too old to learn a new instrument)

That led me to being part of a band that was playing the music to a pantomime production for ‘West by Fleet’ stage show of Dick Whittington. That band then played the music for a musical that was put on in Guildford, Surrey.

After that I met two guys in Woking who wanted to do mostly their own material in a jam Steely, and from there I joined a band which only did covers. A failed gig in a famous music pub in Chertsey led to a change of line up and material.

I then had a short break of about 20 years for marriage and family. Single again I found myself wanting to complete the dream of playing in a proper band, and seeing what would happen if I gave it a proper chance.  Enter ‘Shooting the breeze’.

Out of all the bands I have ever played in, I never thought I would find a band like this. This is the happiest I have ever been in my musical career, and the guys are just brilliant to be working with.

Rob x

Shooting the breeze