Dan – Keyboards & Backing vocals

Dan’s Music Journey  (Keyboards & Backing Vocals)

My first note I ever played was on my grandmas piano when I was very young. Then at 7 years old my parents brought me me a piano which I still have today.
Went through all the grades at school not really enjoying it. I was 14 years old when I tried to show off to a girlfriend my piano skills. That’s when I realise Bach and Beethoven really weren’t the way to attract the women, and that’s when my love for piano playing started, as I told my teacher I didnt want to play classical stuff any more and rather player songs people actually knew. So started with the Snowman, followed by everything I do I do it for you and the rest just followed.
At 16 I set up a stage in my back garden which consisted of mums garden table with my keyboard, microphone and stool on it and played some of the better known I songs i could play to a crowd of 20. Might just need to clarify that the crowd were cows as our neighbour was the farmer. But neither the less they listened to my concert and mooed at the right places.
To date the 20 cows are still the biggest audience I’ve ever played in front of.
I have reluctantly agreed to play the piano for two of my close friends weddings. Belted out a bruno Mars song for the first and the classic Pacard bell in the 2nd. Shooting the breeze is the first band I’ve played for and couldn’t have wished for a better first band.

Dan. x

Shooting the breeze