Mark – Vocals & Lead Guitar

Mark’s musical journey (Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar) International award winning song writer

My musical journey started way back when I was 8 years old.  I started having guitar lessons at school with some nerd with long hair. I could not take him seriously, so gave that up and started to teach myself. In those days I never took it too seriously.

Later on in life when I was 18, I joined a band in Guildford , Surrey which was great fun, but it never really went  anywhere, as none of us really had a clue what we were doing, and were all working, so never had the time we have today.

I always messed around with the guitar, and always had one in my life. I next joined a band in Hook, Hampshire called 2nd-exit which I loved. Our drummer was Elkie Brooks cousin which was our claim to fame. I made a life long friend in Nigel who I am still in contact with today. The lead singer in those days was a women called Cissy who was a great inspiration. I never really knew what happened to her. I think she moved to Kent.

As the years went by I alway had this idea of starting a band, and so spent 2018 learning the guitar again as though from scratch. I spent hours every day playing it. In 2019 I decided it was time to start a band. The idea was no one in the band was to know anyone else. That way everyone could be themselves without any worries.

The second member of the band I found was Rob, the drummer. I got him from a website called BandMix which is great for finding band members. We got on so well from the start and I must say, he is a great chap.

Then came along Altay. He was recommended to me by my old friend Nigel from 2nd-exit. Altay came along for a trail. I really liked him. He was a great guitarist, and to be honest we didn’t need another guitarist at this stage, but it didn’t matter. The more the merrier. Rob myself and Altay wrote a song together called “Dance Dance” which is our most viewed video to date. He only came to rehearsals the once. I contacted him seven times over the following 2 weeks but no reply. Then Nigel from 2nd-exit, called me to say Altay had sadly taken his own life.  I was so cross with myself as I didn’t see it coming. I knew I could have helped him if I had of done. That was a very sad day. Altay will always have a place in my heart.

The third member I found was Dan. I knew Dan which broke all the rules of the band, but he is an incredible keyboard player. He only came over to our rehearsing unit a couple of times, and after speaking to Rob the drummer, we both agreed he would be a great asset to the band. So then there was three of us. To this day Dan is as crazy as when I first knew him, and I cannot ever imagine being in a band without him. He brightens up any room.

I then went and bought an amplifier from a chap in Fareham, Hampshire. This is how I met Jon the bass guitarist. I showed him some of our music on YouTube, and said we needed a bass guitarist. He called me a couple of days later, and asked if I was serious. I said yes, and Jon came for a trail with the rest of the band. I can only say he is the most amazing bass guitarist I have ever come across. Outstanding. He has fitted in the band really well, and everyone loves him.

So that is where we are today. A complete band writing our own music, performing our on songs, making are own videos. Life does not get much better than that if you are musical, and I believe I am in  the best band in the world. I could not have wished for better band members.

Mark x

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